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State Louisiana
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Louisana Health and Rehab Option
Louisana Health and Rehab Option is an addiction treatment program that is located at 4914 McClelland Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70805. You can contact Louisana Health and Rehab Option by calling (225) 354-8325.
Types of Services Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab, Detox, Residential Short Term Treatment, Assistance for Hearing Impaired 
Payment Structure Payment Assistance 

Drug Addiction Recovery Celebration
A remarkable recovery story of a woman who has battled a drug addiction and survived cancer...
Christmas bright for woman who overcomes drug addiction
For the first time in seven years, Angie Gough will wake up with her daughter on Christmas morning.
Healthcare professionals face unique addiction challenges
By the time Richard Ready became chief resident of neurosurgery at a prominent Chicago-area hospital, prescription drugs kept him going...
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